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Simplify   Your   Books

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From account clean up to contract management and everything in between, we’ll help you manage your back office needs.


Founded in 2016, we have been proudly serving small to medium size businesses in Denver

At Iceberg Back Office Management, we specialize in developing systems to streamline and maintain your back office operations. Your bookkeeping and administrative worries are a thing of the past as we can implement policies and standard operating procedures for your specific needs. Our mission is to create long standing relationships with our clients; built on trust and confidentiality.

Our goal is to relieve you of the daily stresses pertaining to financial, operational, and administrative tasks. Simply put, we hold down the operations BELOW THE SURFACE so that you can focus on growing your business.


Get the full tax benefits of your business deductions with our guided, precise direction

It's important to have your books updated at least monthly to help you make critical financial decisions to run and grow your business.

At Iceberg Back Office Management, we offer daily, weekly, or monthly account reconciliation.

Each bank and credit card transaction is reviewed one by one and categorize appropriately so that you can get the full tax benefits of your deductions

Timely reconciliations will help you manage your cash flow, catch any errors made by your banks or vendors, and detect any fraudulent transactions.

Accounts Receivables

Stay on track of all your customer transactions to avoid the hassles of overdue invoices

Cash flow can become a big issue if you are not staying on top of your customer payments.

It can become difficult to "chase down" customers for payment of long overdue invoices.

Let us help you develop a process to ensure you are receiving payments in a timely manner.

Accounts Payable

Let us help you develop accurate, consistent vendor payment processes

Paying invoices on time builds solid relationships and trust with your vendors.

Avoiding penalties and interest is another advantage of making timely payments.

We can help you develop a process that ensures your vendors are paid on time, every time.

Our customized processes track all invoices received so that expenses are reflected correctly on financial reports


Create your ideal payroll system or simplify your existing payroll system with us

At Iceberg Back Office Management, we can help set up your payroll from scratch or take over and process payroll with your current payroll provider. We handle all monthly, quarterly, and annual payroll tax filings, giving you more time for more important tasks.

Financial Reporting

Use periodic analytical reports to make informed and successful business decisions 

Reviewing your financial reports every month is critical for your success.

As a business owner, it is best practice to review your financials periodically.

Once the reconciliation is complete for the month, we will generate, review, and set up a one-on-one meeting to go over your financials.

We can customize a financial package to include only those reports that you need.


Administrative tasks can be a lot to handle when your business is taking off. We can help you with all your back office support from scheduling, filing, and customer and vendor management. We can help develop and implement procedures that will help you run your business efficiently.

" Excellent customer service. They took my books and got things straightened out in one day. Very nice people to work with too. Gave me pointers on how to keep my expenses straight. Went above and beyond. Thanks! "
Troy Herman
TLH Management LLC
" Eben is phenomenal and has gone above and beyond in helping me with all of my bookkeeping needs! His knowledge, professionalism and customer service is outstanding. I highly recommend Eben at Iceberg Back Office Management! "
Melanie Lovato
Premier TRT & Med Spa

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